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Event Supplies/Materials

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Halos for Muscular Dystrophy is in need of event supplies to ensure very successful events for families living with muscular dystrophy's (MD). MD is genetic, it's a muscle weakening disease that affects locomotion and body functions. There are no cures or treatments offering remission. Duchenne (DMD) is the most fatal, affecting primarily boys; one in ever 3500 live male births each year. DMD doesn't discriminate and can happen by spontaneous mutation at any time within a family. It happened to ours, we live in Huntington. You are our neighbors, venues, and community partners.

This is a list of items we are seeking for our upcoming events in 2016. We are also seeking sponsors.

For our Honor MD Warriors event we are seeking the following:

1. Small, Medium, and Large carnival prizes

2. Popcorn Machine and other carnival food/drink appliances

3. Carnival Games, outdoor games, and equipment

4. Volunteers

5. Folding Tables and chairs all sizes welcome.

6. Paper products: Cups, Plates, Cutlery, Napkins, Table Clothes (Lime Green, awareness color)

7. We are desperately seeking Quilters to make a quilt with our Halos for Muscular Dystrophy logo on it and some traced Handprints from those living with MD's.

8. Writers, editors, and media relations

9. Sponsors and all donations

This list will be updated as needed.


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